Karma? No in Islam we have Kifarah.

Karma? No in Islam, we have Kifarah. What you give, you’ll get back; either its in a good way or vice versa. Allah is fair, you know?

Karma is for Hindu, not for Islam. So don’t use misuse the word. I stumbled upon this post on twitter. Link

I’ve heard a lot of people (Muslims) esp some of my friends who has been using the word “Karma” unknowingly about its true meaning. It’s nothing like Islam. In Islam everything you do to others is judged by Allah and you will get it back either in a good way or other, unlike in the Hindu religion.

noun: karma
  1. 1.
    (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.
    • informal
      good or bad luck, viewed as resulting from one’s actions.

What is Kifarah?

Kifarah is the return of God in the world of sin committed by a servant, God tests also may occur, which may involve the death of a loved one, loss of property or illness , regardless of whether the disease occurred in the period of time or intermittent depending on the conditions ( qada ‘ ) Divine or forever until death . As long as the conditions ( qada ‘ ) for pain was not timely qada’ God , then pain ( kifarah ) above will not heal despite many efforts by human di.sini clearly proves that some of the disease will heal on its own even without human effort to get healed or not healed despite a lot of efforts have been done to cure it .

Indeed , when Allah s.w.t. love a servant (us), He will test it . And when he tried , whether by reducing disease and so on , God will give patience . In the face of such an attempt , patience is paramount. Those who are patient will be given their reward without measure ( az -Zumar : 10 )

However practices do not enable him to achieve the prestige of the set. To be able to achieve the status of the last slave , Allah will test them , perhaps by reducing the hosts to it, such as pain , sensory loss , and so on . When given a test then God will give patience . With this slave will achieve the status . Such is the will of God for the beloved servants .

Aisha Sayyidatina have said , that the Prophet, have said which means: Not a believer to fall upon a crash , despite the thorns, or more than that, but God will drop him a sin. ( The meaning of the hadith narrated by Al – Bukhari and Muslirn )

In another hadith the Prophet s.a.w. also never said which means : plight of people recorded as rosary pain , anxiety and screams as prayers , alms such breath , sleep as worship and anxiety, from one , the other is to one side like a jihad for Allah and written to him the best of current practice ever done healthy .

No doubt that everything that happens, have causes of action, and may be associated with human behavior , but in fact behind the facts rationally unthinkable , qada ‘ and qadar Divine contains divine mysteries that are not understood by humans .

Source: http://muhdhazrie.wordpress.com/2009/07/13/apa-itu-kifarah/



6 thoughts on “Karma? No in Islam we have Kifarah.

  1. Our family member practise karma snd they want me to invole snd i dont want thier karma i sm arab boy and they are black now they change me to black im from dubai nos im in nigeria please help me with dua

    1. allah akbar. Its haram to believe in the methodology of Karma as Muslims. Everything comes from Allah – the good and bad. Stay away from the bad and try to bring them to the deen, Insha Allah.

      May you, your family and Ummah Islam be guided to the straight path. Amin 😉

      1. Thanks masha allah make dua for me i want to go to dubai i want government scholarship.and what is kifarah

  2. I believe this theory of what comes around goes around. So if ur own intentions are bad, then bad will come back to you. I don’t think someone who hurts another person should be able to move on or be forgiven till they have sufferd the same as what they put the person through…atleast it will teach them

    1. Yes the theory is there, but the meaning of Karma is wrong. It means that their god or a nature thing will give them back the same treatment as they’ve done to others. This is the concept of Hinduism. As for in Islam, Kifarah means that every deed that you do, both good and wrong will be judged by Allah the supreme one, and only Him is able to cause a good or bad thing to the person back.

      Allahu ‘Alam. Allah knows best.

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